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How can I find a GREAT JOB after COVID-19

Quality job searching takes time. It takes knowing how to make a great resume, how to appropriately network, and how to apply to the right jobs. Not to mention being able to successfully interview once you get your foot in the door.

Can I Pay Someone to Find Me a Job?


Surprisingly, lots of people will and here is why. The job seeker who pays for such services typically,

*Has a job already

*Has not looked for work in years

*Wants to spend less time on the job boards.

*Doesn't feel like they are getting the calls back for interviews they  deserve. 

* Wants assistance with the technical end of job seeking

*Wants to outsource the job search to a company that has a stronger network than they do!

What can you guarantee?


There are very few companies that will 100% guarantee you a new job.

If you find one, you should truthfully be pretty wary of a company that 'guarantees' employment. Read the fine print!

However we partner with you and assist with your job search. The services we offer often play a key role in helping you identify and capture your next great gig.


Answering the Why?

Answering HOW?

Answering WHAT?

Top 5 reasons why job seekers are hiring their own marketing company?

1. Because looking on the job boards alone is exhausting and unfruitful,

2. Because they aren't getting calls back for roles they know they are a shoo-in for.

3. Because they have come too far in their careers to have to spend day and night slugging it out against ATS, and other systems they are sure to fail against. 

4. Because it is far less expensive to pay for help, then to spend 18-24 months unemployed. 

5. Because when you still have a job they are really busy. Working jobseekers cannot hop on their work computer and start job searching.

Let's be Honest!

 Technology is nobody's friend. It has not made finding a job easier. In fact, technology makes it much worse.

Here are some numbers the employed job seeker deals with:

  • 6 to 18 months = Average time it takes for a senior-level executive to get hired.

  • 2 to 4 months = Average time it takes to process the transition of power at a senior level after a new hire offer has been accepted.

  • 8 to 12 hours = Average workday combined with commuting time

  • 6 to 8 hours = Daily time required to put in effective job-seeking efforts

Should I use a service to help me? 

It’s a good idea to pay for services that will find you a job if the following criteria are met:

  1. You have no time/ no desire/ not enough information on present technology to complete the job search by yourself.

  2. You will not go broke while job seeking.

  3. You truly need help with networking to find a job and using technology to job search.

How can a  Career Marketing Firm Help Me?

  • Your career coach will take a deep dive to discover your dream career.

  • Every single call is unique and entirely customized for each individual's goals.

  • All coaching sessions are 1-on-1 and online with a dedicated professional career coach.

  • Expert advice on how to evaluate the authenticity of a job and the overall likeliness of a job converting into an interview.

From there we will:

1. Attack your marketing strategy - We start off by working on your Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter.

2. Seek - Once we have your marketing materials, we will search for relevant fitting jobs that match your profile. We find them, you approve of them.

3. Apply - After approving a job, we will fill out the application for you using a customized ATS compatible resume.

4. Enlarge Your Audience - We will identify and contact key individuals on your behalf in order to request interviews and networking opportunities.

5. Prep - Once you get an interview, we will be available by phone, email, or chat to offer interview coaching and materials.

Couldn't I just do this on my own?


Sure!But what if you are not a tech-savvy jobseeker? What if you have not interviewed in years? What if you have a family to take care of? Are you familiar with job searching on LinkedIn?

Jobs seekers get overwhelmed by these concerns and questions. Sometimes, it leads to a long drawn out search process. 

Don't think you can afford it? 

You can't afford not to?

If you have to spend the next year to 18 months looking for a role you will miss out on at least a year's worth of salary. That for many of you is well over $100k.

Sure NOBODY likes to spend money when things are tight but if you can get back to work much quicker, wouldn't the sacrifice be well worth the cost?

the process looks different! Do the mATH!!!

Looking on Your Own

Letting US Seek for You! 

Estimated Job Search

 6 -18 months

104 Postings Found

43 hours

25 mins

To find each job

Job Applications Submitted


104 Applications Submitted

35 hours

20 mins

Per application

Custom Resumes Submitted


104 Custom Resumes

26 hours

15 mins

Per custom resume

Networking Messages Sent


520 Networking Messages

87 hours

10 mins

Per message

Job Interviews


6 Unique Job Interviews

12 hours

2 hours


per interview

Total 609- hours spent job searching.

15 weeks of Missed PAY!


Estimated Job Search 

3 months

Job Postings Found


52 Postings Found

0 hours

We find jobs,

you approve them!

Job Applications Submitted


52 Applications Submitted

0 hours

We do it for you!

Custom Resumes Used


52 Custom Resumes

0 hours

We do it for you!

Networking Messages Sent


260 Networking Messages

0 hours

We do it for you!

Job Interviews


6 Unique Job Interviews

12 hours

2 hours


per interview

Total 12 hours spent job searching.

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