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Recent Reviews



Short Review: Great Results, Great Team

“I highly recommend RNE’s Placement Services to all levels of job-seekers. This service undoubtedly opens doors and connects candidates to employers in the hidden job market. Also, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of time and energy is saved using this service. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by the countless responses and positive leads that I received. Kudos.”

- Dane D. – Chief of Finance


Short Review: Made me a believer      

“RNE’s Placement Services is a great help and I would recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty finding their first job. At first I was skeptical about this service, however after a few short weeks of applying I was able to find the job I desired. RNE’s Placement Services has helped me launch my career in an industry where there is a lot of innovation and development. Thank you for all your efforts.”

- Aniruth C. – IT SAP Executive


Short Review:Better than what I expected

“RNE’s Placement Services provided a strategy that was well thought out, showed he had lots of knowledge and provided greater results than expected.”

- Barbara G. – Business Development Professional


Short Review: Surprisingly simple

“RNE’s Placement Services helped me connect with many companies in different industries very efficiently. I believe RNE’s Placement Services is an excellent way for new grads to make connections in their areas of interest. Most important of all, I was able to market my skills and experience to companies in a short time.”

- Ramon H. – CEO


Short Review: The only way I got results.

“I got laid off from my last job right before Christmas, and with the economic downfall, it was rather devastating. After some research on LinkedIn, I found out about RNE’s Placement Services and decided to give it a try. I couldn’t believe how many phone calls I started getting every day; soon enough, I literally couldn’t keep up with interviews. In only one month I was in final negotiations with three companies. I decided to proceed with one of them. The company is only 5 minutes from my house and the type of work is exactly what I am interested in. RNE’s Placement Services has a great access to the hidden job market, which sometimes makes you the only candidate for the job. That’s really refreshing knowing the fact that for one job opening, companies usually get an average of 500 resumes. The concept definitely worked for me. Now I’m even happy I lost my old job; I’m closer to home and I make more money than before. Thank you RNE’s Placement Services for the wonderful idea to make the job search less frustrating for everybody”

- Katrina A. –  Director of Human Resource


Short Review: Color me impressed..

“I am impressed. I have had more opportunities to meet with senior level executives on totally different fields than I would have contacted in my past methods for career change. I found a great position with a company that is a little out of my normal field of expertise. Thank you”

- Gary B.. – COO & Former CFO


Short Review: My go to for work.

“I highly recommend RNE’s Placement Services. I can name at least 10 people I know that have found jobs through this service. Their service always produces fast results. If you need a job or a career change, call these guys”

- Raymond K. – Procurement Executive


Short Review: Everything else has been an epic waste of time.

“Prior to finding RNE’s Placement Services, I was finishing off my undergrad looking to find a job as soon as possible after graduation. This meant I had to juggle a job hunt and exams at the same time. At this point, I decided to use RNE’s Placement Services. They helped me revise my resume and cover letter and in 6 weeks after graduation I had found a job. It is a fantastic service and if viewed as an investment, a highly lucrative one. I have used the service twice and twice I have been met with exceptional results.”

- Andrew V.. – Supply Chain Professional.


Short Review: Gave it a try, Glad I did

“I had no prior experience in senior level roles and I was getting worried about whether I would ever find a job that would allow me to advance in my field. I happened to get a recommendation from a friend about RNE’s Placement Services and so I figured, ‘hey..I’ve tried everything else, so why not?’ The service I got was professional and quick. Within a matter of days, I had several interviews and one of those companies went on to hire me and I continue to work for them to this day. If I ever need to find a job again, I’ll use this service in a heartbeat! Thanks again and great work!” I’ve used RNE’s Placement Services before, and I was more than happy with their service! I’ve recommended them to several others with extremely positive results. They cut off all the time needed to apply!!”

- Mark P… – New Executive


Short Review: Easy & Worth it!

“My present employment is a result of RNE’s Placement Services creative efforts. I would recommend their services for those who are thinking of change in job.”

- Rupam B. – Purchasing Professional


Short Review: Helped me make connections

“RNE’s Placement Services Service helped me to launch my career within the states and the service was great. I highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn’t have the “right” connections, or doesn’t know where to start. This will get you off the church and burn job board cycle. I too was recommended to use this service from a friend of mine who got a job through the service. So, there is your proof. Highly recommended!”

- Robert Y. – New Graduate



“RNE’s Placement Services produced a burst of activity for me. I am a gray haired old guy, who couldn’t seem to prove to companies that I still had fight in me. I had a few interviews but mostly, I was getting passed over due to my age and I know it. I signed up with RNE because it wasn’t very expensive and I secured Several interviews, etc. even in the midst of a pandemic. This is such an employers’ market right now, so it was really unusual to find a recruiter who will work with/for the job seeker – but RNE’s Placement Services does provide a great benefit for the job seeker!”

- R K – SRVP of Manufacturing for a Fortune 500 Company – Thanks to RNE!


Short Review: Opened the door for me

“RNE’s Placement Services has helped me open new doors in my career search. Their one on one career coaching and resume editing has helped me land many interviews with large companies. In today’s economy, it is very difficult to find jobs after Covid. I would highly recommend RNE’s Placement Services!”

- Isabel Z. – Global Retail Operations Leader


Short Review: Gave me my confidence back!

“Gave me hope in a very bleak job market. Although I did end up moving on from a role I held for nearly 22 years. This service gave me a much-needed start! Open your mind and give it a GO! I highly recommend it.”

- Charles P. – New Graduate


Short Review: Numbers don’t lie.

“I am pleased to endorse RNE’s Placement Services for anyone seeking help in seeking a new job. Their services provide immediate access to thousands of companies in one day – an exercise that I could not accomplish in months! Within 24 hours of sending my resume, I had 67 email responses – 3 of which were calls for interviews! …… Great company and great team!”

- Debbie M. – Marketing Executive



Short Review: Well worth the investment

“RNE’s Placement Services in my opinion, is one of the best ways of landing yourself an awesome position if you have been unsuccessful or otherwise. At first, I was pretty skeptical as well, but Ryan helped me see how beneficial a service like this would be for me.  I had been applying to various jobs for over 8 months to no avail, once I signed up with RNE’s Placement Services  (which takes about 3-4 days), I got 6 interviews on the very next day. Ryan is an expert in what she does, she’s professional and at the end of the day, you can see it in the end result.

Thanks Ryan and all the best.”

- Trevor N. – Junior Engineer


Short Review: Creative, Innovative

“RNE’s Placement Services is an innovative way to reach to the employers. By using their service, it is possible to reach to thousands of prospective employers in less than a day. It helped me to get connected with industry within 1 week!!……..try it…..”

-  Hasib Z - Physican


Short Review: Satisfying!

“RNE’s Placement Services is one of kind. It is truly like no other. Just when I thought finding a job was out of my reach, then came this wonderful service. I would recommend it to anyone searching for a satisfying career”

- Omar B.


Short Review: Effective

“RNE’s Placement Services is a very creative and effective service, for experienced professionals.”

- Romelle “Rock” K. – IT Professional

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